Glued Linear
Timber Materials
Defectless glued constructed building materials.
House building
The construction of settlements, neighborhoods and individual homes. Comprehensive development of the territory.
Quickly Built
Energy-efficient prefabricated houses by a panel frame technology.
Machine Details
Spare parts, accessories and tools for derevoobrabatyyuschey industry.
Made of
Glued Beam
Modern eco house of traditional materials.
Fibreboard and chipboard general purpose - fire-resistant and waterproof.
2012 - the 60th anniversary Plitspichprom!

woodworking complex

«SOYUZ-CENTRE» is modern domestic timber processing enterprise.

Kaluga multi woodworking complex «SOYUZ-CENTRE» is one of the leading enterprises of the domestic timber
processing industry, producing houses of profiled timber and materials for
their construction, located in the town of Balabanovo, Kaluga region.

«SOYUZ-CENTRE» founded in 1952 as a small match factory, today is a large versatile
enterprise, the products of which are widely demanded not only in Russia and
the CIS, but also in Europe and Asia.

The Company is a member of Soyuz Industrial Group, being strategic enterprise of the Kaluga region, participating in the Association of Wood Housing and Kaluga Chamber of